Covid 19 Update

Well. Covid 19 still has Dual Flight Training on the forbidden naughty list. Various clever PPE solutions have been proffered but as yet none have Government / CAA approval for use in the General Aviation Sector. Rumours are that the CAA will be considering the problem again on 4rth July but I'm not holding my breath for a go ahead at that date. A bit of good news is that the CAA have cleared new Microlights to a much higher weight limit (600kg) so future pilots will have the option of flying some very sophisticated hotships using the Microlight licenses. Even EASA now accepts that pilots of machines up to 2000kg can maintain their licenses using a Microlight Aircraft because Microlights handle in the same way as their heavier 4 seat cousins. So Microlighting has come of age in the eyes of the CAA and its European counterpart EASA. All we need now is a solution to the Covid problem. I hope it comes before I get too bored with my own company in the cockpit.


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